Grab Lorry vs. Skip Hire: Which do I Need?

When it comes to waste management, especially in large quantities, grab hire and skip hire are two of the popular and commonly used methods. Being that with construction comes loads of waste, the need to put in place appropriate waste management or disposal systems from start to finish can never be overemphasised. 

Regardless of if it is simple landscaping, the building of a new apartment complex, or the renovation of an already existing building, the waste from this need to be taken off the premises and disposed of properly.

There is a similarity in the idea behind using the services of grab hire and skip hire, but the design and method of operation are very dissimilar. As such, making a choice on which to use may be confusing especially when you are not certain of the type of waste a grab hire and skip hire is better suited for. 

Hence, it is important to understand these dissimilarities, evade confusion and know which of them you need. In this blog, we break down and explain all you need to know about them. 

Grab Hire

For the operation of a grab lorry, manual labour is not needed. Instead, it is self-loading with a cab attached to its load bed which uses a hydraulic arm and bucket to easily clear waste from inaccessible areas. It can collect and remove a large quantity of waste all at once, because of its varying size. The simple thing to do is to put the smaller units of waste in waste disposal bags, and the grab lorry does the rest of the job. While the bigger units should be left in piles for the bucket and hydraulic arm to do their job for the waste to be transported to a waste management facility.

A grab hire is mostly used for commercial purposes, for large building and industrial jobs, as well as during building renovations. Using the service of a grab hire often always proves cost-effective, especially when the waste to be disposed of is a plentiful amount. This saves you time and money from hiring several skips over the cause of the waste disposal period and using up lots of manual labour to load the waste. 

One good thing about a grab lorry is how small and agile it is and can easily fit into most construction sites as well as urban roads despite its capacity to contain large units of waste at a go. Also, this comes without needing a parking permit, which in turn equates to no disruption and is a convenient choice for commercial purposes.

When you use a grab hire, you do not only have the luxury of easily disposing of waste from your construction site, but you can also transport building materials. This is particularly useful when your construction projects require aggregates, be they loose or bagged. A grab lorry can easily transport and deposit these aggregates at the site. 

Skip Hire

In contrast, skip hire is better suited for domestic projects around the house, which involves the delivery of the skip, loading through manual labour, and disposal. A skip is an open-topped container designed to hold large amounts of waste. However, the disposal process is not one-off, as skips are not meant to be filled up to the brim because of its open-top built, if not it can lead to environmental littering. 

With skip hire, it is important to note that a parking permit is needed and must be arranged and paid for before its delivery, to avoid disruption of the loading process, being that it can be continued over a while. It is in the place of the skip hire company to arrange this, at the point of seeking their service. In addition to this, it is also important to find a suitable spot for the placement of the skip upon delivery.

Once a skip is placed at a particular spot and is already in use, it cannot be moved unless at the point of collection for waste disposal.

Yes, you Need our Grab Hire Service

At SCB Oxford Ltd, we specialise in providing grab hire for all types of non-hazardous waste disposal in a fast and cost-effective way. Be it for commercial or domestic purposes, we are at your service, to ensure that your garden and site clearance is easier. 

Our service is also very ideal for locations where skips are not wanted, and the fact that all our vehicle operators are well trained and highly skilled makes it even easier. Our grab lorries are available for hire, daily or per load, depending on what suits you better. Contact us today!

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