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Recycled Construction Bagged Aggregates

Below is a list of some of the many bagged aggregates we provide for domestic and commercial customers in Oxfordshire. All recycled bagged aggregates are produced at our recycling facility in Abingdon.

Whether you need aggregates for making construction materials like concrete, cement and mortar, or whether you need aggregates simply for decoration, we’ve got you covered. Our aggregates come in all forms and sizes to help you to make patios, driveways, foundations and brick walls. With our wide variety of colours and aesthetically pleasing types of materials, we’ll have something to suit your project.


Crushed Concrete 6f5  

A recycled bagged aggregate produced from the waste we receive is a very popular sub-base material and works well for drainage layers. Crushed concrete can be a cheaper alternative to limestone.


Recycled type 1 

Made from our recycled crushed concrete, this bagged aggregates varies in size from 40mm down to dust and is popular with our clients as it is compacts very well and is a more affordable product than quarried type 1


Recycled 80-40 Clean Stone 

A cheap material used for drainage


MOT Type 1 Limestone

Made from crushed limestone, this material varies in size from 40mm down to dust and this bagged aggregate is popular with our clients because it compacts so well.

Building Sand 

A soft mortar sand primarily used for bricklaying, paving and internal rendering projects taking place at various locations in the Oxfordshire area.


Sharp Sand

Ideal for a wide range of applications such as scree ding, external rendering, block paving and slab laying. Sharp sand can also be used as a lawn base under topsoil because it is water permeable and improves the condition of your lawn.

Bagged Aggregates or decorative shingle required not listed?   Please call with requirements and we will be happy to assist.

While not an exhaustive list, bagged aggregates are typically required for the following:

  • Car Parks
  • Driveways
  • Hard Standings
  • Building Bases
  • Patios

20mm ballast, a mixture of sand and gravel, is available and mainly used for the following:

  • Concrete Mixes
  • Foundations
  • Footings
  • Sub-Bases
  • Pathways


Construction aggregate is a range of materials, including: sand, topsoil, recycled concrete, ballast and crushed stone. All of which are used in the construction process throughout Oxford and Oxfordshire, and are some of the most mined materials worldwide. It is commonly used as a mixer with cement in order to create concrete.

They are usually placed into two categories: Fine Aggregate and Coarse Aggregate.

It all depends on the size of the area you’re covering, and how much you actually need. On average the cost of bagged aggregate for one square metre ranges from £80 to £210. However, please keep in mind that this is just an estimate, each project is unique and will require a different addition of costs.

If you would like to receive a quote from us, please get in touch.

The amount of aggregate needed depends on the materials you desire and the area you want to be covered. There are bagged aggregate calculators available online, both manual and electronic, but if you have the measurements of the area you want to cover, and are based in Oxfordshire or surrounding areas, we can provide you with the quote you need.

Yes. With quarried bagged aggregates constantly rising in cost, many businesses are looking for cheaper alternatives. Recycled standards are improving with the investment into new recycling technologies, and companies can now provide high quality recycled aggregates, with multiple benefits. In fact, these alternatives are becoming more favourable with clients and customers throughout Oxfordshire.

Materials that are smoother, such as natural sands and crushed stone, tend to be preferable for mixing concrete. We would recommend these as well as gravel, which are all highly acceptable for making top quality concrete.

In general, the chosen materials for concrete mixing will need to be clean, hard and free of absorbed chemicals. There has also been a success with recycling old concrete, crushed to the size needed for concrete bagged aggregate.

Bagged aggregate needs to be strong, hard, durable and free from anything that could compromise the quality. If the aggregate is flaky and contains elongated pieces, it needs to be avoided. Many important qualities of the bagged aggregate can depend upon its physical aspects and the aspects of the original rock.

At SCB Oxford, we ensure all bagged aggregates used for clients are of the highest possible quality, whether they’re recycled or brand new.

Without aggregates, you would lose 60-80% of your concrete’s volume and the thermal, strength and elastic properties. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to make concrete without aggregates such as gravel and sand.

Aggregates aren’t only restricted to concrete, they are also used in the construction of roads, railroads and even foundations. It is a base factor for many building projects and even small housing projects across Oxfordshire.

For coarse materials, the aggregate crushing test is used to determine the resistance of a certain bagged aggregate. This is done through a gradually applied compressive load and is a numerical indicator of the aggregate’s strength.

Aggregates are generally chosen for their resilience, regardless of the type of material. But this is usually not a factor to consider, except when working with lightweight and high strength concrete.

Yes, you should be at home in order for you to accept, check and sign for the delivery.

No, you cannot return the bags, however, you may find them useful to store garden equipment or waste.

Yes, you can return the bagged aggregate as long as they have not been used. If you are returning the goods from defects, the delivery and returning delivery costs will be free of charge. If you are returning the goods for any other reason, you will have to pay for the delivery and return delivery. Due to the goods being a difficult material to transport, this fee is understandably high which will be discussed with you before you get your order.

Yes, we will send you an email with all the receipt information on so you have a permanent copy.

As a rule of thumb, 1 tonne will cover 8sqm laid at the recommended thickness of 50mm.

Edgings are optional and help to achieve the fullest compaction of the bagged aggregate. Concrete, timber, metal, or stone edgings can be used for edging purposes if desired.

It is not recommended that you lay our bagged aggregates on a slope any steeper than a 1 in 15 gradients. Big slopes may cause the aggregates to move with the water flow from heavy rain, which may leave holes in the ground in the areas where the aggregate has been affected.

Our bagged aggregates are delivered bagged to preserve the aggregate material

Recycled aggregates are reused from other various construction wastes, whereas primary aggregates are exactly as they are since coming from the quarry. There is usually no difference in quality, although recycled aggregates are usually more cost-effective.

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