FAQS & Policy’s

Our grab hire and muck away services in Oxfordshire are available to domestic and commercial customers who welcome our friendly, personable approach.

The cost varies depending on the location of the site, which lorry size you require, and the type of material being disposed of. If you would like a quote, then call or email us today.

Our 8 Wheel have a maximum authorised mass of 32 tonnes, meaning they can legally carry up to 16 tonnes on the road. In volume this equates to between 12 and 15 cubic meters of waste, depending on the type of material.

Our 6 Wheel can carry up to 13 tons

Our grab trucks are about 2.6 metres wide, but we would recommend that you have at least a minimum entrance size of 3 metres, however our experienced drivers are used to dealing with difficult locations so please call to discuss your requirements.

The minimum headroom needed for a grab truck to pass under is 3.8 metres, however we will require at least an additional 2 metres to operate the crane.

Our 8 Wheel vehicles have a maximum reach of 7.2metres from the side of the vehicle.

The 6 Wheel crane extends to 5.5

Yes, they can, if the driver is able to pull the vehicle up close alongside the fence or wall and he is able to directly see the material to be loaded from the control platform behind the cab.

We can remove your waste in around 15 minutes but allow up to 30.

Additional time on site will be charged at £1.50 per min

Before you choose a spot to heap up the waste material, be sure to check that there are no low overhanging tree branches or cables as these will prevent the driver from being able to load. In addition to this make sure that the driver can pull the vehicle directly alongside the material. Please protect your drive or grass as SCB Oxford Ltd will not take responsibility for damages caused by the vehicle & crane on the ground.

We can usually accommodate a booking made on a same day / next day However if you require a specific collection day or delivery time we recommend that you give us 48 hours’ notice.

Our company can offer credit facilities for customers with ongoing work in the area. Accounts are subject to the client meeting our own terms and conditions. A credit check and monitoring will be required for all applicants looking to use our credit facilities.

Please contact us  request our application form.

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