SCB Oxford Ltd offers decorative aggregates; loose, in bulk, or in bulk bags. We provide affordable aggregate solutions for domestic and commercial construction projects, small or large. Contact us today on 01865951214 if you’re searching for an aggregate supplier in Oxfordshire.

Types of Decorative Aggregates We Offer

Below is a list of some of the many decorative stones we provide for domestic and commercial customers in Oxfordshire.

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Oxford Shingle

The Oxford Shingle is the most common decorative aggregate sold by us. 

The versatile Oxford range of decorative limestone shingles can be used for a plethora of purposes such as driveway and general landscaping, drainage, and pipe bedding. Additionally, its neutral beige and cream or Cotswold colours allow it to blend into a variety of environments.

The Oxford Shingle is available in grades of 10mm for pipe bedding, 20mm for hard landscaping, and 40mm for land drainage. Furthermore, this item is available in bulk loads and bulk bags.

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Golden Flint

This angular golden flint shingle is ideal for driveways, footpaths, borders, and landscaping in general. Golden Flint is an appealing blend of autumnal colours, including golds, yellows, and creams, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of settings.

These decorative stones are available in bulk loads and bulk bags.

Pea Shingle

This adaptable type of decorative aggregate has a variety of applications, including footpaths, drainage and pipe bedding. In addition, its neutral beige and cream or Cotswold colours allow it to blend seamlessly into many different settings.

Moreover, for pipe bedding, we offer Pea Shingle graded to 10mm. It’s available in bulk loads and bulk bags.

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Bubbenhall Quartz Shingles

Bubbenhall Quartz Shingles are ideal for accentuating driveways, footpaths, borders, and other landscaping projects.

We offer 20mm Bubbenhall Quartz in bulk loads and bulk bags.

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Cotswold Gravel Chippings

We also offer Cotswold Gravel Limestone Chippings, which are perfect for driveways, footpaths and general landscaping. Similar to Traditional Cotswold Limestone Chippings, these decorative stones’ Cotswold buff colour make them an excellent choice for a subtle yet high-quality outcome. 

Furthermore, we provide Cotswold Gravel Chippings graded to 20mm in bulk loads and bulk bags.

Self Binding Path Gravel 

This Self Binding Limestone Path Gravel is ideal for surfacing garden paths, car parks, walks, and cycle tracks, especially if a firm compact surface is required.

The 8mm Self-Binding Path Gravel is available in bulk loads and bulk bags.

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Moban Flint

Moban Flint is a brand-new decorative aggregate product in our portfolio. It is a blend of anomalous but smooth-edged shapes, colours, and textures that create an eye-catching effect when used for driveways, footpaths, and landscaping elements. Moreover, Moban Flint’s colours include natural cream, autumnal colours, and Oxford Blue.

Our 10mm or 20mm Moban Flint can be delivered in bulk loads and bulk bags.

If you’re having trouble deciding which type of decorative aggregate to choose, get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll be more than happy to assist.



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