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Grab Hire

As part of our service we offer a highly reliable and cost effective grab hire service in the Oxford area. We tackle any job no matter the size, our lorry drivers are highly trained to deliver the best service. 

We will remove waste from your site and take it back to our Abingdon facility to be fully recycled. It doesn’t matter if its garden waste or from a large construction site. We always provide you with our very best service. 

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Our Grab Hire and Muck Away Services

We specialize in providing professional and affordable grab lorry hire for a wide variety of customers and needs, including muck away, rubbish clearance, and non-hazardous waste disposal. Our 32-tonne 8-wheeled grab lorries, each operated by skilled and experienced drivers, are capable of carrying up to 16 tonnes or 15 cubic meters of waste, whichever comes first. Whether you need our services for a single load, daily, or weekly hire, we are here to assist you.

Screened Topsoil

Looking for topsoil in Oxford? At SCB Oxford Ltd, we are your first-choice in screened topsoil suppliers!

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What materials can I dispose of using grab hire?

When it comes to grab hire services, you can dispose of a wide range of non-hazardous waste materials using our grab lorries. This includes materials such as muck, rubble, soil, concrete, hardcore, green waste, and general recyclable waste like wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Our 32-tonne 8-wheeled grab lorries are capable of removing all types of non-hazardous waste for both commercial and residential customers. Whether you need to clear a construction site, garden waste, or any other non-hazardous waste, our grab hire services are here to assist you. For more details or to book our services, you can contact us at 01865 820064

Is grab hire a cost-effective solution for waste removal?

Yes, grab hire is a cost-effective solution for waste removal. Compared to other waste removal methods such as skip hire, grab hire is often more affordable. The cost of grab hire is determined by the amount of waste that needs to be removed, the location of where the waste is, and the type of waste being collected. Grab hire is an efficient and quick method of waste removal, as the grab arm can quickly and easily load waste onto the lorry, reducing the time required for waste removal. Additionally, grab lorries can park on the road without the need for a road permit, reducing the cost of waste removal. Grab hire is a popular and cost-effective solution for waste removal, particularly for large and bulky waste items such as construction and demolition waste, green waste, and soil.

How do I determine the amount of topsoil I need for my project?

  1. Measure the area: Measure the length, width, and depth of the area you want to fill with topsoil. If the area is odd-shaped, break it up into smaller rectangles or squares, measure the remaining space at its widest point, and add the totals to the topsoil calculator.
  2. Choose the topsoil depth: Decide on the depth of topsoil you want to add to your project. For example, if you’re adding topsoil to your lawn, you’ll need approximately 4-6 inches of topsoil.
  3. Contact us for assistance: If you’re unsure about the amount of topsoil you need or need help with the calculations, feel free to contact us at 01865 820064. Our team can help you estimate the topsoil you need based on your project requirements and provide you with a quote for the topsoil you require.

Is there a minimum order requirement for topsoil delivery?

Yes, we offer topsoil delivery services with no minimum order requirement. At SCB Oxford Ltd, we understand that every project is unique, and we are committed to providing flexible and affordable solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need a small amount of topsoil for a residential garden or a large quantity for a commercial landscaping project, we can deliver the topsoil you need directly to your site.