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What Type of Waste Can a Grab Lorry Take?   

A grab lorry is a versatile vehicle capable of accommodating a variety of waste. No wonder grab hire makes for a great waste management solution for various industries. Whether you are a site manager supervising a vast development, a business owner or a homeowner wanting to get rid of a large amount of accumulated waste at once, hiring a grab lorry is the solution. 

Not only does hiring a grab lorry fast track the waste disposal and minimise delays, but it also moves waste to a designated reuse or recycling plant. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer using a grab lorry since they know it will help dispose of their waste material without posing any threat to the environment.

Types of Waste a Grab Lorry Can Take

If you have been thinking of hiring a grab lorry for your upcoming project, you must understand the different types of waste it can take. The information will help you know if it is the right fit for your needs.

Demolition concrete

Demolition debris is among the most common types of waste a grab lorry can take. This includes cement blocks, rubble, clean concrete, paving slabs, cement blocks, concrete that is broken down into many pieces, etc. All this construction waste can be efficiently and safely transported to a recycling plant. However, the waste material should be clean. 

In the case of clean concrete, you can add a small amount of tarmac into the mix, but there shouldn’t be any soil, brick, wood, or other kinds of waste mixed in it. Besides, there shouldn’t be any reinforcement bars mixed in it either.

Recyclable muck and muck away

Muck away refers to various inert materials, such as sand, soil, clay, concrete, rubble, chalk, and stone. Although grab hire companies do accept this type of waste, it should be properly separated. Besides, tarmac or turf is also not accepted easily and you might need to call the company in advance to get a quote. In case you have lots of tarmacs, it is best to opt for a ‘tarmac only’ pick-up.

Landfill waste

Landfill waste refers to the garbage and trash that’s thrown away by the workers, and also the rubbish the site has in general. In case your construction project involves the demolition of a house or old building, you might also find a large amount of trash left over from the previous tenants. 

To get rid of this type of waste effectively, it is important to have a proper system in place for collecting and separating the waste materials. And when it is time for the garbage to be picked up from your site, you can call a grab hire service to get the right sized grab lorry. If you also have hazardous waste to dispose of, you must talk to the lorry provider in advance as not all companies accept hazardous waste.

General recyclable waste

General recyclable waste materials include topsoil, hardcore (a mass of combined solid waste materials), flower clippings, hedge trimmings, branches, etc. As construction projects entail digging and clearing a lot of earth as well as soil, removing all this unnecessary waste effectively is critical to keep the site clean. That’s where the convenience of a grab lorries service comes in. 

However, you need to make sure that the waste to be disposed of is non-hazardous. If it has been contaminated by chemical spills, it could be extremely volatile to mix with the recyclable mix. Hence, it is important to properly segregate the waste so that it is accepted by the grab hire service provider.

At SCB Grab Hire, we can provide you with the appropriate grab lorry for hire for all types of non-hazardous waste disposal in Oxfordshire and its environs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today! 

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