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  • what-are-aggregates-in-concrete

    What are aggregates in concrete?

    Aggregates have been used for years in construction for many different purposes, one of it’s main uses being used in concrete. Concrete can be used in many different ways, mainly being used…

  • what-is-muckaway

    What is muck away?

    What is muck away? Muck away, cartaway, or muck shifting is exactly how it sounds… the process of taking away muck! This can be removing spoil from construction sites during the earthwork…

  • what-is-limestone-used-for-in-gardening

    What is limestone used for in gardening?

    Limestone is a beautiful aggregate, yet it is beautiful in more than one way. Limestone can be used as a neutraliser for acid and enhance bad soil conditions. This is all due…

  • the-main-types-of-aggregates

    The Main Types of Aggregates

    Aggregates are a type of construction and building material, made from composites like concrete and asphalt. The term ‘aggregate’ is used to describe a range of coarse and fine matter that is…

  • what-are-aggregates-used-for

    What Are Aggregates Used For?

    Aggregates are a kind of material used primarily for construction and building purposes. They are often made from composites like concrete and asphalt, but the term ‘aggregate’ covers a huge variety of…

  • recycled aggregates for construction oxfordshire

    A Guide To Recycled Construction Aggregates

    Aggregates are an essential part of the construction industry. Many of us never think twice about them but our roads, buildings, pathways, bridges, walls etc. are all largely made up of aggregate…

  • FAQ grab hire oxfordshire

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As grab hire specialists in the Oxfordshire area, we are frequently asked lots of similar questions about our grab lorry services.We are always more than happy to answer your questions, but to…