5 examples of when to use grab hire

5 Examples of When to Use Grab Hire

Similar to skips, a grab hire service provides a way to remove large quantities of waste, therefore taking less time to remove. Grab hire can be used in a variety of circumstances, like construction or landscaping projects. However, hiring a grab truck can provide a number of benefits for companies and businesses. Firstly, each truck usually comes with a qualified driver that will take full responsibility for the loading and removal of waste.

Hiring a skip would require the owner or employees of the business to manually load the waste themselves. This can take up valuable time that could be used in other areas of improving business and sales. With grab trucks already being on wheels, skips need to be collected in a second-time slot, usually dating days or weeks after initial drop off.

Avoiding Obstacles

Grab trucks are available in many sizes, from small to large. Each truck is different and some have hydraulic arms, mechanical grabbers or claws that offer a versatile method of lifting waste. The term ‘grab hire’ stems from these arms, a highly attractive option compared to manually shovelling waste into a skip. Hydraulic arms provide a highly favourable option for those with fences or small walls, as the arm can reach over obstacles, lifting waste and placing it into containers. Done manually, this task would require taking long routes and further wasting time.

Accessing Narrow Areas

Generally, skips are dropped in easily accessed areas, due to the trucks being unable to access certain areas. Being placed in these areas, like roadsides for example, usually requires some sort of licensing or fee. The versatility of grab trucks enables smaller vehicles to fit into tighter spaces like alleys or passages. Doing so speeds up the process tremendously as the function can be performed instantly.

Freeing Time

The older methods of shovelling waste can be a time-consuming process. Business owners and employees would be required to free up valuable time to complete the removal of waste. This time can be freed to progress the business in other areas, as grab hire usually includes a driver that will also cover the manual handling of the waste.


As mentioned, the time required to hire a skip, fill it and organise a pickup slot can be an elongated process. This often takes weeks, whereas a grab hire service can load their truck and be on their way in the space an hour or two, depending on how much waste is in need of removal.


With the term ‘commercial waste’ covering a large variety of different types of waste, grab trucks are able to collect a varying amount of waste. Different types can include:

Food waste

Being recycling specialists, SCB Grab Hire provides a number of services for waste disposal, including grab hire. Get in touch with us today for a free quote or get in contact with us by phone, 0165 820064.

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