What is muck away?

What is muck away?

Muck away, cartaway, or muck shifting is exactly how it sounds… the process of taking away muck! This can be removing spoil from construction sites during the earthwork process or simply removing rubble, waste and rubbish that naturally occurs when working on groundwork projects.

This process is usually done within the first stages of a construction project when earthwork is being dug up, and can include materials such as bricks, concrete, rubble, tiling, metals and insulation. This stage is one of the most important stages of construction, as it has to be completed before the groundworks stage can commence.

What is muck away and what are the materials

Muck away materials are separated into 3 different types, which are often referred to in this business. 

Inert muck away Hazardous muck away Non-hazardous muck away
Waste that will not affect any other matter that it comes into contact with. This material often has not gone through any physical, chemical or biological changes.Waste that is harmful to not just human life, but the environment too.  This is anything that is not harmful to humans or the environment but isn’t classed as inert muck away.
E.g. brick, hardcore soil, concrete, subsoil.E.g. used in petrol stations, highways, domestic and commercial fuel tanks.E.g. building and demo waste, silt and sludge.

Other types of muck away may include waste from site clearings such as mud and waste from digging or farmyard cuttings including garden waste.

What is muck away and where are their services needed?

  • Construction sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Farmlands 
  • The government 
  • Real estate
  • Cooperation builders
  • Recycling firms
  • Privately owned business’
  • Landscaping 
  • Interior building

What is muck away and where does muck away go?

Some muck gets recycled, some get taken into landfills and some muck away even gets redistributed back into the land. The waste will get separated into inert muck away, hazardous muck away and non-hazardous muck away to help make a decision on where to put them. Inert material is often put back into the land (for example, soil), whereas other materials such as brick and concrete are recycled.

How can we help?

Here at SCB, we provide a grab hire service that can make garden and site clearances easier to manage, in some cases even easier than hiring a skip. Instead of leaving a skip on site for you to fill yourself, we use our extendable cranes to load waste directly onto a grab lorry and take it away on the very same day. Perfect for heavy construction waste that would not be suitable for a skip. Also ideal for locations where a skip is just not practical to have on the ground.

Our grab lorry drivers have cleared away waste for a number of happy commercial and residential clients in and around the Oxfordshire area. All of our vehicle operators are highly skilled and experienced drivers.

How much can an SCB lorry take?

The largest grab lorry we provide can carry up to 16 tonnes or 15 cubic meters of waste, whichever comes first.
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If you’re looking for muck away services in or around the Oxfordshire area, take a look at SCB’s website today.

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