When would I Need A Muck Away Service?

What is a muck away service? Is this a service that you could benefit from? Well, here at SCB Grab Hire we are going to tell you the ins and outs of our muck away service and everything involved. For a little background, SCB Oxford Ltd is a reliable, family-owned business located 7 miles from the Oxfordshire town of Abingdon. We provide a personal, attentive service to our large portfolio of individual and commercial clients. We tailor our muck away services to the personal requirements of customers in Oxford. We hope you find this blog useful and make sure to keep us in mind when looking for a muck away service in your area.


A muck away service is a method of removing a large amount of inert waste. Which basically means the removal of spoil from building and construction sites. Our service is usually required during the early stages of a construction project where ground excavation culminates in the removal of topsoil, vegetation and other debris. We make sure to get rid of everything so that any type of groundworks or construction can begin.


What is Muck Away Waste?


When tackling a new build or obstructions on construction sites, you will end up with a lot of inert waste. These types of waste are not biologically or chemically reactive: they do not decompose and that is why they have to be collected properly. Muck away waste usually accumulates in construction projects or site clearances where groundwork has been initiated. So, what types of waste are considered muck away?

  • Broken Asphalt
  • Metals
  • Rubble
  • Concrete
  • Insulation
  • Bricks
  • Topsoil
  • Cement
  • At SCB Oxford we always advise that you seek out professional services to ensure that the waste is disposed of in the correct way.


    What is the Classification of Muck Away Wastes?


    When it comes to classification there are three major types to take into consideration; hazardous, inert and non-hazardous.

    Hazardous muck away waste – This is waste that is considered unsafe for humans and the environment. An example of this is the waste accumulated from an old slaughterhouse

    Inert muck away waste – This is waste that did not undergo any physical, biological or chemical changes. Any matter that comes in contact with this waste is less likely to become affected. The subsoil, hardcore soil, concrete and brick are considered inert muck away waste.

    Non-hazardous muck away waste – This can include an array of waste that is considered not detrimental to the environment or human beings.

    Others. This is waste accumulated from site clearings such as mud, leaves and farmyard cuttings.


    How is Muck Away Waste Collected?


    Concrete waste. Large chunks of concrete are broken using a pneumatic drill. As soon as all concrete has been demolished, they must be broken further into manageable pieces before collected. A grab hire or muck away collector would collect all concrete waste.

    Topsoil. Some construction or landscaping projects call for land to be adjusted according to the specified design. These projects would require excavation and earthworks which would likely result in the accumulation of excess soil.

    Construction waste. Construction projects tend to accumulate a lot of inert waste and waste removal is needed to ensure a safe construction site. Stones and bricks can be removed immediately without being broken down. Cement and concrete, on the other hand, must be broken down into manageable chunks before removed from the site.


    Why Our Grab Hire Services Aid Our Muck Away Wastes?


    Grab hire lorries use grab arms that are powered by hydraulics. They are used to collect waste or other materials and store them in its receptacle. They are capable of clearing away large quantities of waste especially in hard to reach areas. Aside from removing muck away waste, they can be hired to source construction materials as well. Let me tell you a little about our services. Our largest grab trucks can carry up to 16 tonnes or 15 cubic meters of waste, whichever comes first.


    Our grab lorries are available for hire per load or on daily hire, depending on which would better suit your needs. As experienced utility specialists, we can also offer a night service for Utility and Railway Work. We regularly undertake large muck away jobs and we work closely with several other companies, meaning we can cross hire extra vehicles if necessary to meet any size project. We hope that you found this blog interesting and now you have a better understanding if you are in need of our muck away services. For more information regarding availability, or to get a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Call 01865 820064 and one of our operators will be more than happy to help.

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